Amazon & Garmin Are Bringing Alexa to Your Car

Making your life easier than ever.


Amazon and Garmin are bringing the always useful services of Alexa to your daily ride.

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Known as the Garmin Speak, Amazon and Garmin’s new collaborative creation can be placed and set up in your car like a standard GPS device, however, instead of simply giving directions, this advanced piece of technology brings the full spectrum of the Alexa experience to your mobile life. From listening to music and audiobooks to finding out the latest breaking news and tracking weather conditions, the Garmin Speak allows you to do it all through the use of a powerful, well-equipped sound system. Operable via voice commands, the Garmin Speak will do whatever you need without having to lift a finger. Adding to the diverse range of functions, Garmin and Amazon are allowing Garmin Speak users to operate all the smart devices they use at home using the product; once you get home, the Garmin Speak goes with you.

Using smartphone data, the Garmin Speak is available for use through the Garmin Speak app and requires Bluetooth or an AUX cord. For those interested, pick up your own device for $150 USD on Garmin’s website.

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