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iOS 7 might have been the golden child of this year’s WWDC, it wasn’t the only child.  OS X got a very nifty update indeed – and a new titlle; OSX Mavericks.  The idea behind the update isn’t to make your computer better, its about making your life better.

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The newest iteration of OS X offers a ton of quite little improvements, designed to please the advanced power users of Apple’s long-standing OS.  Its also designed to please a lot of new comers, fresh from their iPhone or iPad.

Finder got a neat, and long desired, feature, as tabs finally came to OSX.  Mavericks also allows tags in Finder, and this all helps you use your computer more like you use the internet.

Those cut from the Graphic Designer cloth will appreciate the full screen on multiple dispplays support, which truly needed to be fixed.  You can get a dock and menu bar on both displays, and different displays stay independent.  To Graphic Designers, this means Photoshop on one and YouTube on the other.  You can also use your shiny Apple TV as a display.


Mavericks also includes a ton of under-the-hood improvements, such as way better battery life, compressed memory and “time coalescing”.  All of this means your system should run fast.  Up to 1.5 times fast than the last big cat, Mountain Lion.

Everyone favourite password manager, KeyChain, got a huge boost.  iCloud Keychain saves passwords for apps on your Mac, on the web, and even personal and credit card information.  The idea is to never have to type your password in twice.

Notifications also got a few minor tweaks that will make them finally useful.

Safari got a number of devoted improvements such as being able to pause background tabs or pages to save memory and battery life.  iOS already does this, so bringing it to OSX was a no brainer.  There are also javascript improvements and power saving features baked-in, making Safari, allegedly, run 300% faster than Firefox and Chrome while using less energy.

Amongst the neat updates, Safari got a read-it-later Reading List, allowing you to read through saved articles and links endlessly.  Sorry Google Reader.  Rest in Peace.

The new Calendar app looks like the old iCal App and the new Maps app looks like the old Google Maps.  The look has come full circle, and the flat look has come to Mavericks as well.  Improvmements include getting weather reports, getting maps and travels times inside of calendar events, and being able to send a map or directions from your mac to your iPhone or iPad.  The new Maps app looks pretty exciting, and taking advantage of Apple’s flyover and seeing 3D views of cities will be breathtaking on a larger screen – such as your Apple TV screen which is also a new display perhaps?

iBooks has also come from iOS to OSX.  The features set is largely the same, including note-taking, flash cards for studying and a night view.

While a lot of these improvements are great, many of them have been begged for, for a long time.

If you’re running Snow Leopard or Lion, you see a huge improvement in performance, speed, and battery life after upgrading.  If you use Mountain Lion you might not necessarily want to spend the extra cash.   Speaking of cash, we don’t have a price or date for Mavericks.  Mountain Lion was $20.  Will Apple continue the trend of cheap updates?

Expect Mavericks to land some time in the fall.

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