In the last 15 years airport security has tightened dramatically, but what about once you get on the flight and are in the air.  Various check points in the airport prevent you from bringing on weapons and chemicals that could be used as explosives. However, what about items that everyone is allowed to bring on, including a laptop.  An expert in security claims that he was able to hack into an aircraft computer system mid-flight through the entertainment system.

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Chris Roberts the individual who claims he was able to access the aircraft computer says that he was even able to make the plane to move sideways at one point. Roberts founded One World Labs, which analyzes security risks.  Roberts had previously warmed the FBI about the potential risk, and even met with them in February and March regarding the risks.

The claim Roberts has made is still being investigated by the appropriate authorities.  There are currently two differing opinions.  The first is that the claim is unsubstantiated and that there would be no way for an individual to access the planes computer through the entertainment system.  The other is that any claim in vulnerability with safety for all individuals on board an aircraft, and those on the ground as well, should be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.  Aircrafts are more and more connected to the internet and therefore increasingly at risk.

This is not the first time Roberts claims he was able to access the computer either.  He claims that he has been able to gain access between 15-20 times between 2011 and 2014. Roberts is able to gain access simply through a cable that he connects to an electronic box that is located under the passenger seats.

Roberts has not yet made a public statement, but has revealed that the only reason he has come forward about his discovery is to improve the safety of aircrafts.

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