Adam Savage Modifies Rival Blaster to Shoot 1000 NERF Rounds


The latest mod for NERF‘s Rival Nemesis Blaster comes from none other than Adam Savage. As part of the Tested series of videos that feature Savage working on one-day builds, the popular NERF blaster is normally only able to hold 100 rounds of NERF’s foam-ball (Rival) ammo. With some acrylic material mixed in with ingenuity, the stock magazine is retrofitted with a new reservoir that is now capable of holding 1000 rounds.

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Not stopping at the newly-increased ammo capacity, Savage goes on to add a sight, bipod, and a completely new paint job. Watch the video above to see the step-by-step instructions for building the upgraded magazine from scratch, and be sure to check out the ending, where Adam goes through all 1,000 rounds in a target practice session with inflatable T-Rex’s.

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