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You’re in your local cinema with people inconsiderate enough to talk over your movie. Or you’re on the red-eye flight out and need sleep, only you can’t because of screaming infants. Those days are gone, with Doppler Lab’s Here Active Listening. It allows you to fine-tune the aural environment around you. Perhaps you are in a crowded bar, and it’s difficult to hear the conversations at your table – with a swipe of the phone application, hit the Bar Preset, and the earbuds will adjust the sound to your ear’s content.

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Want to walk in a crowded area but have it sound like you’re the only one around? That’s possible. Or perhaps you’re in conversation with someone who is boring and monotonous to listen to. You can adjust the way they sound, from a belligerent drunk, to someone standing across an enormous hallway, with the Carnegie Hall preset. Or give them a slightly more upbeat tone. Doppler is trying their best to actualize such a product.


I can only imagine not having to politely ask the impolite to quiet down during a movie, ever again. You can simply tune them out quite literally. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of using it, though I listened to Justin Wu, CNet Associate Editor, demonstrating the latest edition on the 404 podcast. You can skip to the end of the show for his demonstration: the link is here. He stresses how there isn’t the slightest sense of latency, which could make or break this product.

Doppler’s intent for this product is for it to be in your ear from the moment you wake. As such, I can see the ‘need’ for it. In the slightest of ways, it could benefit your life. This is not created to tune out people, but sounds that add to the stress of daily work-life. Is your work desk in a place where you constantly hear the chatter of your colleagues. Adjust your earbuds so you can focus on your work. It can add to the efficiency of your work, and create a relaxing environment in the most chaotic, public environments.

I look forward to purchasing this product when it’s on the market. For more information on the product, visit the manufacturer’s site here.

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