A Foldable, Portable, 3D Printer


Not to take anything away from Focus, the world’s first portable 3D Printer, but why?  Why does anyone need a portable 3D Printer?  Focus is just that, a fully-functional and multi-medium 3D Printer, that’s designed to fold flat and essentially be carried around like your briefcase.  And the kicker is that, despite being totally foldable and portable, Focus is also more capable than many 3D Printers currently available.

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In addition to it’s portability, the Focus printer has an interchangeable extruder, letting it print in a massive range of materials.  It can handle standard ABS and PLA, as well as bio-rubber, bronze, wood and even edible mediums like chocolate or cream cheese.  Even more impressively, Focus claims it needs no calibration, due to the fact that the print platform is stationary.

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