If you’re running the new iOS 8 on your iPhone or your iPad, you might notice that you battery is decreasing faster than usual. This is because of all the new features added to the iOS to make your iOS experience better. Of course, that experience doesn’t last for long if your phone can’t get you through the day. With that being said, here are some of my recommendations on how to get a better and longer battery life from your iOS device.

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Some of these tips are less obvious then others and many of them can be used on the previous iOS versions – so let’s get to it.

1.    Identify battery killersbattery killers on iOS

First things first, you need to figure out which apps are sucking away at your battery life the most. Apple’s new tool in iOS 8 gives you percentage breakdown of your biggest battery killers. Go identify the apps you should close when you’re not using them, go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. There you can see a list of apps and how much battery they drain, you can close out of the apps or just delete them, if you don’t need them.

2.     Background App Refresh

Just like the iOS 8’s predecessor, iOS 8 comes with Background App Refresh set to “ON”. This lets apps run in the background and continually refresh content while you’re on Wi-FI or a cellular network. Sure, this is a handy feature but is it worth killing your battery for?

To disable this feature, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. There you get the choice to turn off the function all together or via an app by app basis.

3.    Take it easy with the notification widgets

iOS widget battery life

Finally, iOS 8 has widgets that you can access via your Notification Centre. These widgets can offer live sport scores, weather, transit, stock information and even more. While this is great, some of these widgets need to refresh their data frequently using your WiFi or cellular network; which means that your battery takes another hit.

Here’s the good news; you can select which widget you want to enable (if any) simply by tapping the “Edit” menu at the bottom of the “Today” screen.

4.    Turn off Parallax

The wallpaper moving effect behind your apps may be cool to look at but it’s a huge battery drainer. Luckily, Apple allows you to turn it off. Simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility and switch “Reduce Motion” to on and you should be good to go.

5.    Cool it with the location tracking

Location-tracking is great when you need GPS direction or when you want to remember where you took that beautiful picture of the sunset but, the constant monitoring of your location is killing your battery. You can turn off location service completely by going to Settings > Privacy > Locations Services. This will save you the most battery but there’s another option. iOS 8 allows you to disable Location Services via app-by-app basis. I recommend the latter option so that you can leave on key location-based features, like, Find My iPhone.

6.    Why so bright?iOS Brightness battery life

Call me Mr. Obvious, but your display kills your battery so there’s not need to have it brighter than necessary. Use the Control Center to manually control your brightness. Turn off the Auto-Brightness feature.

7.    Stop “fetching”

Of course you need to be connected all the time and you never want to miss an email, but the fetch function – which pushes email notifications to your home screen – is always looking for new emails. This is great, but it exhausts your battery along the way. My recommendation is that you should check your email manually via the Mail app instead.

To turn this feature off, simply go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data.

8.    Turn off Bluetooth and Airdrop

This function gives to speedy access to some iOS 8 and iPhone features that drain the battery. If you’re not using Bluetooth then turn it off. Also turn off Airdrop – which lets you easily share content with other Apple users – if you don’t really use it.

9.    External Power pack or Battery case

iPhone battery pack

Here’s Mr. Obvious at work again but, if you see that your iPhone isn’t lasting you as long as you need it to, you might want to invest in a power brick or a case with an extra battery included. There is literally hundreds of these on the market and they are fairly affordable. Keep in mind that if you get one of these cases it will bulk up your phone just a little bit. If you don’t mind that go right ahead.

Although these are little steps, but they will make your battery last longer.

If you have any questions just leave it at the comment section and I will gladly get back to you!

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