3D Print Your Food With Bocusini


If you’ve had the desire to 3D print food, up until now you’ve had to dish out a good chunk of change for a 3D food printer – a very different machine than a regular 3D Printer.  The run of the mill 3D Printers simply aren’t equipped to handle edible mediums, and that’s been that.  Until now.

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German startup Print2Taste is looking to change what a 3D Printer can do.  The Munich-based company has launched its first plug-and-play 3D Food printing system on Kickstarter and they call it Bocusini.  It’s no’t really the first of it’s kind, but what makes it unique is that it can be retrofitted onto any 3D printer you currently own.


It’s as easy as replacing your printer’s extruder with Boscusini’s food extruder and you can start printing foodstuffs in any shape you want.


Instead of using plastic filament pushed through a heated extruder nozzle, Bocusini basically works like an ultra-specific Pastry bag, dropping food layer by layer from it’s cartridge.  The cartridges can come pre-filled with a variety of different food things – everything from fudge to cream cheese, icing, cookie dough, caramel, butter, even meringue.

Happy Eating.

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