3-Month Trek for a Print-Job

3D Printed Millennium Falcon

If you’re like me, and were overcome by the announcement of 3D printers: the items they’re able to print, and the materials they use. The sheer fact that we went from paper-printers to three-dimensional ones astonished me. In fact, I found word – through Gambody –  of a way to print a forty inch Millennium Falcon Replica. Well, a way to replicate the individual pieces to build the Falcon, all 236 of them.

This will allow anyone with a 3D printer to do this if they so please.

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3D Printed Millennium Falcon

3D Print your very own Millennium Falcon

The Falcon is quite similar to previous ones you could buy in-store, and build your self. Since…you build this one – yourself; you need an excessive amount of time to glue and build the falcon once all the pieces have been printed. You could print the whole Falcon in one go, but it depends on how deep your pocketbook goes. 3D printers are more expensive the larger they are. If you think that’s aggravating, you also have to watch a how-to video on it.

3D Printed Millennium Falcon

In addition to this, Gambody is asking 75$ for the blueprint files.

This will allow you to print them at home. If you’re short on time, either skip detailing the interior or shrink the ratio/scale for all the files.

[Gamebody via Toyland]

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