Netflix has lost a small section of its corner of the streaming market.

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With the launch of Warner Bros.’ new “Archive Instant” streaming service, the company along with MGM and Universal has pulled nearly 2000 titles from Netflix. The new service did not offer a lot of variety with it’s initial launch, and it’s possible that this mass renegotiation of rights serves more than one purpose: supplementing their service with their own content and hurting the competition in the process.

It may however be too little, too late for Warner Bros. Their new streaming service has been met with a lukewarm response, and there a few reasons why. The most obvious one is the effect that fragmenting the market has on the consumer. Netflix currently has an unprecedented amount of committed users, who more than likely watch some content that doesn’t fall under the Warner Bros. umbrella. Couple that with the fact that they would be paying monthly for two separate services, and it’s unlikely that they would jump ship to a brand new streaming service that’s priced higher than Netflix with only a fraction of the selection of films and TV shows.

With Netflix continuing to expand to other countries, producing more original content, and launching a new season of the cult hit Arrested Development later this month, it doesn’t look like they’ll take much of a hit losing these titles.

Do you think Warner Bros. Archive Instant will be able to compete with Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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