10 Awesome Facts About Sherlock Holmes (BBC)

BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is one of our favourite iterations of the literary figure.  Sure, RDJ turn a stellar turn in the movies, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s long tenure as the sleuth of the century has risen the star to fame, and raised the fictional icon to new heights.  Here’s 10 awesome things about Sherlock Holmes and the BBC series

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1. Benedict Cumberbatch was the only actor asked to audition for the role of Sherlock Holmes. Series creator Stephen Moffat and producer Sue Vertue saw him in the film Atonement, and Mark Gatiss (who worked with him on Starter For Ten) supported him.


2. The actual address used for filming the exteriors of Sherlock’s humble abode, 221b Baker Street, is actually 187 North Gower Street, London NW1.


3. Matt Smith auditioned for the role of Dr Watson before his Doctor Who audition.


4. Benedict Cumberbatch’s real-life parents made a surprise cameo in season three’s episode The Sign of Three.


5. Through the series, there are several references to Sherlock Holmes stories by author Arthur Conan Doyle, bought up either as episode names or in general dialogue. For example A Study in Scarlet became A Study in Pinkand The Greek Interpreter became The Geek Interpreter.


6. Mary Morstan, who plays Dr Watson’s wife, is played by actress Amanda Abbington who is married to Martin Freeman in real life.


7. The font used in the overlays in episodes of Sherlock is Johnston Sans – you may recognise it from its use in the London Underground signs.


8. In the BBC series, Watson was wounded in his shoulder, but has psychosomatic pain in his leg. This is a sly reference to the original stories whereby Arthur Conan Doyle was inconsistent about the location of Watson’s war wound.


9. The creators debated how Holmes and Watson would address one other – in the stories they called each other by their surnames. However they decided to move away from this tradition and made the duo call each other Sherlock and John.


10. Steven Moffatt rarely visits the set of Sherlock, but when he does, it’s usually because there’s a crisis going on Doctor Who usually keeps him busy, as well as parenting.
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