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10 Awesome Facts About Breaking Bad

10 Awesome Facts About Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a brilliant show with a brilliant plot, but theres a lot going on behind the scenes you probably didn’t know.  Heres the tip of the Heisenberg.

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  1. The creator of the series Vince Gilligan originally intended for Jesse Pinkman to be killed during a drug deal at the end of the first season. By just the second episode of the season he was so impressed with Jesse’s character and Aaron Paul’s performance “it became pretty clear early on that it would be a huge, colossal mistake to kill off Jesse.” So he changed the story.
  2. Bryan Cranston was cast based on his performance in an episode of The X-Files. When the network executives hesitated to cast Bryan Cranston after a family-comedy like Malcolm in the Middle, Vince Gilligan showed them Cranston’s dark guest performance on The X-Files.
  3. An actual DEA agent taught the cast how to make meth.
  4. Saul Goodman’s name is created after “S’all good, man.”
  5. Save Walter White is a real website.
  6. All the blue meth seen on the show is actually rock candy.
  7. They were originally planning to shoot the show in Riverside, California. It was moved to Albuquerque to take advantage of a tax rebate on production.
  8. The special effects team of The Walking Dead helped the show to shoot the explosion scene that ended with Gus’s death.
  9. A typical episode of BREAKING BAD costs around $3 million to produce.and our favorite fact!!!
  10. The actual formula of methamphetamine can be seen in the opening credits.

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  1. “All the blue meth seen on the show is actually rock candy.”
    Je**s Ch**st! They are minerals!


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