The Batman films are full of action and excitement, but there’s a lot you don’t know.  Here’s ten amazing facts about the Caped crusader.

  1. Out of respect for the late Heath Ledger, the Joker is not mention once throughout the entire film.(TDKR)
  2. The final fight scene is the only occasion in any of the modern films in which Batman is seen during the day. (TDKR)
  3. The Dark Knight’s codename was ‘Rory’s First Kiss’ and The Dark Knight Riseswas ‘Magnus Rex’. Rory and Magnus are the names of two of Christopher Nolan’s sons.
  4. The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman suit was extremely heavy and movement restricting, causing Christian Bale to suffer painful headaches. It was so heavy and claustrophobic that the actor has said he considered quitting when he first tried it on.
  5. The Dark Knight Trilogy Batmobile (aka the Tumbler) was a functioning vehicle with a real jet engine. It could reach speeds of 100 miles per hour.
  6. A drunk driver collided with the Tumbler during the filming of Batman Begins on the streets of Chicago. The driver apparently thought that he had collided with a UFO.
  7. Christopher Nolan’s co-writer brother Jonathan has said that Liam Neeson’s turn as R’as al Ghul was inspired by Osama bin Laden, both of whom sought to reshape the world by terrorist means.
  8. The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious was one of Ledger’s inspirations for the Joker’s mannerisms.
  9. Tickets for the midnight premiere IMAX screenings of the Dark knight rises in New York sold out six months in advance.
  10. Christopher Nolan’s determination to avoid CGI included an attempt to use real bats on set. The experiment lasted one day before a decision was made to use visual effects.

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