fl apple tv 2015

Apple TV Updates In a Big Way

While the Apple TV may be getting a little long in the tooth, a slow yet steady wave of updates have been hitting the device. The latest update? It includes Vevo, Disney and even...
Sharp two-way screen

Sharp’s Two-way TV Makes Everyone Happy

Sharp is showing off it's new two-way LCD screens, which can show different images depending on which angle you are viewing the screen from. /READ MORE // Apple Testing Larger Screens? Sharp plans top use the tech...
Pokemon Go

Niantic Finally Explains Pokémon Go Changes

Even it's most popular players have begun turning on Pokémon Go, so parent company Niantic, criticized for its long and constant silence, has finally issued a statement regarding changes to the game that have...

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The Best from CES 2018

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The Best from CES 2017

Wi-Fi Devices Delight at CES 2017

Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum are behind some of the hottest new tech products at CES 2017. Consumer electronics have never looked so good! Here...

The Pop Is a Modern Take on Polaroid’s Iconic Camera Experience

Polaroid has teamed up with design company Ammunition again for its 80th anniversary to produce the Pop, a 20-megapixel camera with a 3.9-inch LCD...

EHang: Introducing the Supersized Drone That You Can Actually Ride

We always see loads of Drones at the Consumer Electronics Show. Now it’s time to introduce a super-sized drone that is able to transport a...

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Back To School

Chrome Book

The Chromebook – A Business Revolution?

Google until quite recently a mammoth only in search has made some significant strides and progress in terms of diversifying their offerings. With the...

5 Gizmos and Gadgets for back to school

With the advances of technology, the way we learn and what we use to learn has changed. I remember going into class with nothing...
Building Wikipedia

3 Reasons why Wikipedia will be your Friend this School Year

When I was in High School, there were always things most teachers would always say at the start of the year. Things like “This...

The Back to School Android Smartphone Guide

School is just around the corner, soon you’ll be doing your back to school shopping. Some of you might have started already but if...
Apple Back to School Gift Cards

Apple’s Back to School Promo Offers App Store Gift Cards

Apple has launched its Back to School promotion, which means students and educators can grab a $100 App Store gift cards when they purchase...